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Dysgraphia / Writing Problems

Understanding Dysgraphia and some ideas on treatment

Young children who are learning to write sometimes have trouble holding their pencil correctly.   Consequently, they may have pain, difficulty making certain letters, or experience frustration trying to change the physical experience of writing while at the same time trying to master spelling and neatness requirements.   Teachers and parents express concern when these problems arise.  The child doesn’t respond to suggestions, redirection, and examples and seems to get more restricted.  Often the child is simply overwhelmed with multiple demands required at the same time.

When teaching children to write I find it useful to start by having them teach me. They are usually very willing to correct me!  I show them my own writing in proper position and in a position that roughly mimics their incorrect position.  I then ask for their help in noticing when I start holding the pencil incorrectly and then tell me what I need to do to correct my mistake.  Further, I may ask a child to physically re-position my fingers in the correct position on the pencil.

The accomplishes a few things. It brings the child’s attention to the process of holding the pencil without the intellectual demands of spelling.  This process also takes the public focus off of their mistakes, in removes the child’s self consciousness and replaces it with a focused attention on my correct positioning.  Finally, it gives me an opportunity to model a functional response to being corrected.  I can say “thanks for telling me that” or “hey this works better when I’m making my ‘O’s”.

Sometimes beginning writers at very early ages skip the normal developmental stages of drawing for fun and start out writing letters and numbers for school.  Often, these symbols of numbers and letters have very little value to a youngster.  Consequently, the motivation to write in a new way is very low and sometimes non-existent.  To increase motivation I like to divide therapy into drawing and writing, playing ball and spelling or counting, and generally trying to integrate writing letters and numbers into the session slowly and around other more enjoyable activities. Using activities that children like to do, such as playing catch, or drawing objects that they like, can also provide lots of opportunities to motivate a child to write letters.

If you are considering therapy for your child to deal with dysgraphia, you might try these techniques first.  If they don’t produce the result you’re hoping for I usually find I can make a meaningful difference in 5 to 10 sessions.  Keep in mind, the child is expected to learn new lessons in school as this process is going on and so successes at one stage may quickly seem forgotten as new demands emerge in school.

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